Fundraising for Fontbonne University

Fontbonne University was founded in 1923 and to this day is still sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Fontbonne identifies as a Catholic institution striving to follow the values and mission of its founders. Through its mission of commitment to the common good and inspiring students, Fontbonne continues to embrace openness and inclusiveness into its growing community.

Fontbonne University is a small and multicultural institution with a population of about 2,000 students and representation from 20-30 different countries among the diverse student population.

A college education is essential to the betterment of an individuals future. Students may find themselves in a difficult financial situation where they cannot afford to complete their degree. With an increase in scholarships available to the student body, together we can help more students obtain a college education and be a step closer to a better future. Scholarships are important not only to keep current students but, also to help recruit new students and continue the growth of college education among our society.

To help raise money in the form of scholarships for Fontbonne University please click here.

Discovering Camino De Santiago

Discovering the Camino with Robert J. Romano will take place this summer 2016. Romano will walk this pilgrimage of an average of 500 miles in hopes to finish in 30 days.

Romano, will complete this pilgrimage in effort to raise money for Fontbonne University in the form of scholarships, in addition funds will also be given to an organization working towards helping the homeless population in St. Louis.

Stay tuned and follow along Romano’s journey to Discover the Camino…


Blog posts will be uploaded as frequent as possible along with photos and updates on fundraising goal .